For the DIY'er looking to bond loose stones between flagstones, we offer a complete kit with all components needed.  If your project is larger, this product isn't for you.  This kit is designed to cover approximately 375 - 400 linear feet of joints (more info on coverage below).


If you're looking for our larger containers of Gravel-Lok® in either the 1 gallon, 5 gallon, or 50 gallon drums, please reach out to one of our dealers or contact us directly if there isn't a dealer near you. 

Kit includes: 

• 50 lbs of clean, washed stone ready to use

• 24 oz. Gravel-Lok® Clear (this is enough liquid to bond the stones in the kit)

• Plastic Scoop

• Complete kit comes in a blue plastic bucket, perfect for mixing.

Coverage rate per kit: Approx. 375 - 400 linear feet of joints which are 2" W x 1" deep.


Alternately, another way to approximate coverage is to assume the kit will do approx. 40 - 50 square feet of joints in a patio with flagstones that are approx. 20 to 24" length x 20" - 24" in width and joints 2" wide x 1" deep.


Note: if you use kit for a different purpose other than joints, then the coverage rate is approximately 4.6 square feet at 1" thick or 2.3 square feet at 2" deep.

Two stone colors to choose from:


This is a lighter color with various cream, gold and tan stones.


This is a darker color with various shades of brown and gray stones.


Or call us to place your order: 888-851-0051

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