60 Second Seminar Session 6: Gravel-Lok® Amber vs. Clear

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Session 6:

Gravel-Lok® Amber vs. Clear

Gravel-Lok® is a liquid that bonds stones together to form a rigid yet permeable pavement. We covered this topic in a previous seminar. Click here to see previous Gravel-Lok® seminar. Gravel-Lok® is available in two formulas: CLEAR and AMBER. This seminar explains the difference between the two formulas.

Both formulas will darken/deepen the color of your stones, just as they look when they get wet. DRY STONE WET STONE (WATER ONLY)

Both formulas will perform similarly in terms of durability and longevity.

The Amber formula has a slight amber tint to it and it does not contain UV additives. This causes it to yellow in the sun, over time, and this is especially noticeable on light colored stones. For this reason we advise against using Amber on light colored stones.

The Clear formula is clear in color and contains UV additives. It will not discolor stones.

Over time, the sun will break down the film of Amber material that coats the top of each stone that is exposed to the sun. Eventually, it will flake off and disappear, revealing the natural look of the stone.

The Clear formula will look a bit shiny, similar to how stones might look when they are wet. That shine will wear off over time. Some people hand cast sandblasting sand (80/120 grit) on the surface when the liquid is still wet and this helps to minimize this shine. It also provides a little grit to make the pavement less slippery when it’s wet.

Cost: Our material costs are higher for the Clear formula. For this reason, the Clear formula is more expensive than the Amber formula.

The following collection of images is bonded pea gravel (same stone as the loose stone image above) bonded with Gravel-Lok®. We'll travel through the changes the stones make with increased exposure to the sun.

Pea gravel bonded with Gravel-Lok®. These have not yet been exposed to the sun.

Bonded with Bonded with Gravel-Lok® CLEAR Gravel-Lok®AMBER

After six months of sun exposure:

Bonded with Bonded with Gravel-Lok® CLEAR Gravel-Lok® AMBER

After nearly one year, the shiny look of the CLEAR sample has disappeared. The amber color has intensified on the AMBER sample. Notice a slightly ‘crackled’ effect on the top of some stones on the AMBER sample. The coating on the top of each stone is starting to break down. It will weather off.

Bonded with Bonded with Gravel-Lok® CLEAR Gravel-Lok® AMBER

SEE THE DIFFERENCE AFTER 2 YEARS: After nearly two years, the stones, especially the ones treated with CLEAR Gravel-Lok®, look very similar to how they looked naturally, before treated with Gravel-Lok®. The AMBER is continuing to break down and weather off the top of every stone. The Amber formula is continuing to break down and weather off the top of every stone. It looks like tiny brown patches on the lighter stones. The natural look of the original stone is gradually being revealed. The Clear formula does not have these brown patches on the lighter stones.

Bonded with Bonded with Gravel-Lok® CLEAR Gravel-Lok® AMBER

Bonded with Gravel-Lok® AMBER - (after 2 years)

Bonded with Gravel-Lok® CLEAR - (after 2 years)


If the stones have some color to them, the Amber color of the liquid will not be noticeable when first applied.

Clean, dry stone before Gravel-Lok® is applied.

Comparison: AMBER on the left CLEAR on the right

This is the same stone as above with This is the same sample as above with

AMBER Gravel-Lok® never exposed AMBER Gravel-Lok® after many

to the sun. months in direct sunlight.


Click here to read and learn more about Gravel-Lok®.

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