Gravel-Lok® is available in two forms:  CLEAR and AMBER

Each is available in 1 gallon trial size, 5 gallon buckets and 50 gallon drums.

Pea Gravel • Granite • River Gravel • Recycled Glass • Marble & Many More!

Garden Paths • Patios • Pathways • Stonescaping around Flower Beds • French Drains • Drip Edges • Tree Pits • Planters • Tree Surrounds • Rooftop Plazas • Rooftop Terraces • Joints between Pavers and Flagstone • Garden Paths 

Gravel-Lok® CLEAR Bond

• Colorless to light yellow color (for white or any color       stone)

• Contains UV additives

• Initially enhances stone color and has a shiny, wet           look. Will stay shiny for 1 – 2 months or indefinitely,         depending on amount of use.

Gravel-Lok® AMBER Bond
• Amber colored (will discolor light / white stones)

• Matte finish 

• Does not contain UV additives

• Considerably less expensive than Gravel-Lok Clear 

• Initially darkens stone and has a shiny, wet look. Dark       color may change to have an amber/brown/greenish

   look and intensify in first few months. Then, Gravel-Lok

   fades off surface of stone (70 – 80%) exposing natural

   color and matte finish of stone. This process,

   depending on exposure to sun, will take anywhere   

   from 2 – 6 months from initial application. Lighter

   colored stones will adopt an amber hue.

• Durable permeable surface
• Artistic design options
• Uses natural stone 
• ADA compliant when using 1/8" to 1/2" size      stones

• Completely permeable

• Reduce stormwater runoff

• Natural recharging of groundwater
• Capture airborne pollutants
• Reduce hot surface temperatures

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