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SlopeGrid® Installation Guide
NOTE: Always call us or consult your engineer.

How do you install SlopeGrid®?

NOTE: This video contains images and information about certain accessories which have changed since the video was published. Please refer to the SlopeGrid® section of our website or contact us at 410-721-4844 for the most up-to-date information.

SlopeGrid® Installation Video 1

Cell-Tek SlopeGrid® Installation – Erosion Control, Slope Protection Solution

NOTE: we no longer carry polyester tendons as shown in this video. We now carry galvanized steel cabling with a break strength of 3,700 lbs. or 6,100 lbs. We also carry earth anchors, u-bolts, and all accessories need for any slope project!

SlopeGrid® Installation Video 2

Each project is different. Some may require engineering advice with all accessories or simply just j-hooks. We offer all accessories needed for your specific project.

Note you should always consult with an engineer to determine your project’s needs.

SLOPEGRID QuickInstall Graphic