Road Stabilization

Geocells are a type of geosynthetic material that functions as a subgrade reinforcement tool. As a broad category, geosynthetics are typically made using polymeric materials and provide a cost-effective method of adding reinforcement, stability, and efficiency to a construction project. Geocells are flat sheets of intersecting grids that have large open spaces between the ribs called apertures. At Cell-Tek, we manufacture geocellular grids through extrusion and welding.

Applying geocells to the subgrade at road construction projects creates a mechanically stabilized layer that improves the bearing capacity of the road. Rutting and subgrade displacement triggers geocells’s load support response, which prevents the unrestrained lateral movement that would otherwise occur without geocells. Cell-Tek is a reliable manufacturer of geocells for road construction applications, including unpaved roads and access roads. 

Benefits of Using Geocells in Soil Stabilization

Geocells reinforce and stabilize weak soils by increasing bearing capacity. It is a particularly effective solution for road construction on low load-bearing soils. There are several benefits to using geocells for road construction applications, such as the reduced thickness of unbound aggregate layers, which leads to increased structural stabilization. This contributes to a reduction in both fatigue cracking and long-term maintenance costs.

The use of geocells also contributes to lower construction costs, because it decreases the amount of aggregate required as well as the amount of soil excavation and backfilling. The reduced need for these processes has the added benefit of lowering CO2 emissions for these projects. Geocells are environmentally friendly and extend the life of all types of roads.

Geocells in Construction

Geocells are an effective solution for any type of road and are particularly beneficial in areas with poor drainage or challenging types of subgrade. They increase the stability and strength of any base layer and hold soil in a rigid layer, providing added durability and load-bearing capacity. Smaller and unpaved roads in particular benefit from geocells, as they are often in areas with loose soil or challenging subgrade stability issues.

Geocells function under the subgrade for a long time and this durability extends pavement structural lifespan. Roads that have been constructed with geocells have decreased maintenance expenses over the lifetime of the road, due to its ability to hold soil in place and provide additional long-term stability.

It increases construction efficiency by reducing the amount of required aggregate and provides an economical and eco-friendly solution for challenging construction environments. Geocells are also ideal for erosion control and embankment stability.

Geocell Applications

In the past, geocells were primarily used in the construction of retaining walls. Due to its flexible nature, geocells are easy to apply to projects involving curvatures, and it easily took on the shape of retaining walls, providing valuable earthquake resistance and added stability. Today, geocellular grids are used throughout a much wider variety of applications. It has been a reliable solution for numerous structures, such as pavements and roadways. Geocells stabilizes the subgrade in all types of construction projects, including railways and areas with high water table levels.

Geocells from Cell-Tek

Geocells are a low-cost solution for many construction applications. It is environmentally friendly, easy to install, and effective even on weak soils. Geocells extend the life of small and unpaved roads, with a significant reduction in required lifetime maintenance.

Cell-Tek is an expert in delivering the perfect geosynthetics solutions for both large and small contractors. All of our products are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and extend the life of your construction projects. If you have questions about geocells or our selection of other products, please contact us. To get started on a solution tailored to your project’s needs, request a quote today.