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is a single component, moisture curing liquid scientifically designed to bond together a wide variety of aggregates. When combined with Cell-Tek’s LSG Series® Load Support Grid®, the result is a permeable and durable natural stone surface which can be utilized in a wide variety of civil, residential and industrial applications. The system is also an ideal solution for municipalities, parks and other government porous surface projects as well as stone scaping applications in residential areas.

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Gravel-Lok® is available in two forms: CLEAR and AMBER

Each is available in 1 gallon trial size, 5 gallon buckets and 50 gallon drums.

Pea Gravel • Granite • River Gravel • Recycled Glass • Marble & Many More!

Garden Paths • Patios • Pathways • Stonescaping around Flower Beds • French Drains • Drip Edges • Tree Pits • Planters • Tree Surrounds • Rooftop Plazas • Rooftop Terraces • Joints between Pavers and Flagstone • Garden Paths

Gravel-Lok® Amber vs Clear

Gravel-Lok® CLEAR Bond

  • Colorless to light yellow color (for white or any color stone)
  • Contains UV additives
  • Initially enhances stone color and has a shiny, wet look. Will stay shiny for 1 – 2 months or indefinitely, depending on amount of use.
Gravel-Lok® CLEAR Bond

Gravel-Lok® AMBER Bond

  • Amber colored (will discolor light / white stones)
  • Matte finish
  • Does not contain UV additives
  • Considerably less expensive than Gravel-Lok® Clear
  • Initially darkens stone and has a shiny, wet look. Dark color may change to have an amber/brown/greenish look and intensify in first few months. Then, Gravel-Lok fades off surface of stone (70 – 80%) exposing natural color and matte finish of stone. This process, depending on exposure to sun, will take anywhere from 2 – 6 months from initial application. Lighter colored stones will adopt an amber hue.
Gravel-Lok® AMBER Bond


  • Durable permeable surface
  • Artistic design options
  • Uses natural stone
  • ADA compliant when using 1/8″ to 1/2″ size stones


  • Completely permeable
  • Reduce stormwater runoff
  • Natural recharging of groundwater
  • Capture airborne pollutants
  • Reduce hot surface temperatures

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