Reinforced Steep Slopes

Steep slope stabilization protects steeply inclined landscapes from soil erosion and promotes a flourishing ecosystem. Stabilization may look quite different from project to project depending on a wide variety of environmental factors and engineering goals. Numerous slope stabilization products and systems exist, with each designed to produce specific results. When developing a slope stabilization strategy, some primary factors to consider include project timelines and the overall atmosphere that the landscaper or designer wishes to create.

Whatever strategy you choose to implement, slope stabilization will help you avoid the shifting of soil that can easily destabilize structures, trees, and vegetation. Because soil erosion generally occurs as a result of water run-off, a reinforced soil slope also helps protect wetlands and waterways from various forms of contamination.

As an extremely versatile method of reinforcing soil slopes, geogrid slope stabilization allows engineers and construction professionals to meet their specific wants and needs using a variety of techniques. Cell-Tek Geosynthetics is a leading provider of geogrid products and offers a broad spectrum of solutions to ensure that soil slopes are fully reinforced.

Reinforced Steep Slopes

Benefits of Slope Stabilization

A geogrid reinforced slope can take a variety of forms, and each is ideal for a different set of situations and goals. While some systems can be covered with topsoil and vegetation to create natural green landscapes, others get filled with granular aggregates such as gravel or stones. Other stabilization frameworks employ concrete-armored surfacing, which involves armoring slopes with a poured-in-place, moisture-curing liquid.

Whatever system you choose, Cell-Tek offers soil confinement, bank stabilization, and channel protection that works even in the presence of extreme mechanical and hydraulic pressures. Our systems offer an ideal solution for:

  • Protecting against run-off, rill and gully formation, and erosive forces
  • Reducing soil sliding and migration
  • Facilitating plant and root interlocking to further stabilize soil masses and slopes
  • Promoting infiltration and limiting the impact of hydrostatic forces
  • Reducing the amount of surface cover required (topsoil, gravel, or concrete)
  • Maximizing project lifecycle costs
  • Enabling the free flow of water, nutrients, and soil organisms
  • Enhancing plant growth, soil health, and visual landscape appeal

Techniques for Stabilizing Steep Slopes

Since no two slopes are exactly alike, we can employ different techniques to meet the unique requirements of the geography, topography, soil characteristics, and climate of each project. Here are some common methods for stabilizing steep slopes:

  • Support stabilization techniques. These techniques encompass all of the infrastructure designed to increase slope stability, including retaining walls, piles, pre-stressed anchors, rock bolts, soil nailing, geosynthetic reinforcement, and shotcrete. Cell-Tek’s geosynthetics and other product offerings have defined many industry best practices in this category.
  • Soil stabilization techniques. Soil stabilization encompasses mechanical means such as interlocking cellular grids and a variety of infill options to prevent the destabilization of associated slopes.
  • Removal and protection techniques. These products and processes aid in clearing unstable material that typically rests on the upper layer of a slope. Anti-erosion protective netting is one example.
  • Water drainage techniques. Any water trapped in soil or rock mass will inevitably cause increased pore water pressure, which can dramatically decrease overall slope stability. To combat this process, water drainage techniques limit water entry and control groundwater levels.

Slope Stabilization From Cell-Tek Geosynthetics

Whether caused by rain run-off or a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical pressures, any slope of significant gradation is bound to experience destabilization eventually. Regardless of the slope stabilization project at hand, there is a geogrid system to fit the demands of the job.

As leaders in the field, Cell-Tek Geosynthetics can prevent slope destabilization by helping you choose the stabilization products and techniques that are right for you. For more information about our slope stabilization grids and other slope erosion solutions, please contact us or request a quote for your project today.