Erosion Control

Soil erosion is a major global problem. Each year factors such as wind, rain, and flooding sweep away nutrient-dense topsoil which then fills up streams and rivers. After erosion occurs once, it is very likely to continue and worsen over time unless efforts are made to control it. Luckily, there are some effective tools for erosion control that can be used to stop this destructive cycle. Cell-Tek Geosynthetics is the exclusive manufacturer of SlopeGrid®, an innovative erosion control product. 

What Is Erosion Control?

Erosion control is the act of preventing soil loss. Within many industries, such as construction and agriculture, erosion can occur as a result of their operations. Because soil erosion is so damaging to plants and wildlife, steps must be taken to stop or prevent it from occurring. Erosion prevention plays a significant role in two engineering techniques: low-impact development (LID), and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Low-impact development is a land planning technique that aims to protect water quality by managing stormwater runoff. Erosion factors into this greatly as it is a significant contributor to water pollution. 

LEED construction was created by the U.S. Green Building Council, and it aims to foster eco-conscious construction. By focusing on erosion control, construction companies can meet their goals for LEED certification. Both of these engineering techniques demonstrate how important it is for construction companies to consider erosion and take steps to prevent it.

Benefits of Erosion Control

There are several significant ways that erosion control methods benefit the environment:

  • Soil Integrity Sustenance. By utilizing anti-erosion technology such as geotextiles, sediment is held in place and protected from runoff streams. This is not only important for preventing water pollution, but it’s also important for retaining the fertile, nutrient-dense topsoil that vegetation depends on.
  • Decreasing Runoff Velocity. When erosion control products are used, topsoil is better able to absorb rain. This greatly reduces the speed of any runoff that might occur, which results in the loss of less sediment.
  • Pollutant Control. In many areas, topsoil contains chemicals or pollutants leftover from agricultural processes or construction sites. When erosion occurs, the pollutants are carried away with the soil and contaminate waterways and affect the plants and wildlife in other, far-reaching areas. Erosion control prevents this process from occurring.
  • Sustaining Biodiversity and Habitats. Once erosion of an area begins, it keeps occurring and worsening over time. As more soil gets swept away, significant areas of land become destroyed, taking the surrounding wildlife with it. When a species’ habitat is destroyed due to erosion, the biodiversity of the area is diminished.

What Are Geotextiles?

Geotextiles are a type of synthetic material that resists biodegradation. They are used in the ground for several applications, including preventing soil layers from mixing, providing water with a filtration layer, protecting areas from erosion, and reinforcing sections of land.

In many applications, geotextiles are used in conjunction with geocells, such as SlopeGrid®. In applications where erosion is the primary concern, geocells offer the most effective solution. The geocell’s sturdy 3D shape provides a high level of reinforcement and a long product lifespan.

What Are Erosion Control Products?

Besides products such as geocells, there are other types of products that can be used to help control erosion. For example, geotextiles come in both woven and nonwoven varieties, and there are also blankets, wattles, and logs. All of these products are intended to be used on slopes and can help minimize the amount of soil that washes away during times of heavy rainfall.

When choosing the right product for your application, it’s important to consider product longevity and effectiveness. For most applications, geocells provide a long-lasting solution that offers the highest level of erosion protection.

Applications of Erosion Products

Geo erosion resources can be implemented in many ways depending on the specific application. Tools such as geotextiles can act as a filtration device to control the amount of sediment that can enter waterways. Other products, such as logs or geocells, are excellent at soil reinforcement on sloped areas. Erosion products are also extremely useful for soil separation and stabilization, ensuring soil layers are held in place despite weathering processes.

Erosion Control Products from Cell-Tek

Soil erosion causes significant damage to property, wildlife, vegetation, and waterways. Once erosion begins, it only continues to worsen over time. For this reason, it is essential to incorporate erosion control products into the soil. Cell-Tek carries the most effective erosion control solution on the market. If you have a question about how our products can meet the needs of your application, please contact us. When you’re ready to get started, submit your request for a quote.