Other Products and Accessories

Hand-Held Stapler (STPR)

SALCO brand, P694, Heavy Duty Stapler with 3” throat designed for stapling deep into cells for 3” and 4” cell depth cellular confinement grids.  A pneumatic stapler is recommended for 6” cell depth grids.

Staples for Hand-Held Stapler (SBX5)

Each box contains 5,000 ½” Galvanized Steel Staples for use with our Stapler (STPR).

Pneumatic Stapler (STPR-P)

Pneumatic Plier Stapler has extra wide 6" throat depth.  Can be used with 3" - 6" cell depths.  Fast and easy to load. 

Staples for Pneumatic Stapler (SBX24-P)

Pneumatic plier 5/8" staples for pneumatic stapler.  2,400 staples per box.

Rebar J Hooks (JHR18, JHR24)

Available in 18” and 24” heights. Material:  #4 steel rebar
Rebar J Hooks are used to anchor the cellular confinement grids, preventing lift and lateral movement when filling.
Rebar J Hooks are also beneficial for preventing lift in areas of extreme freeze/thaw cycles.

3” and 4” cell depth grids use the 18” height (JHR18) - CLICK HERE FOR MEASUREMENTS
6” cell depth grids use the 24” height (JHR24) - CLICK HERE FOR MEASUREMENTS

Helix Earth Anchor (EA1)

Professional Grade Earth Anchor
Welded Eye/Helix Welded on both sides
Solid steel
Helix OD: 6”
Length: 48”
Rod OD: 5/8”
Finish: Painted Red
Holding Capacity: 4,000 lbs.

UBOLT-A (3/16”) and UBOLT-B (1/4”)

Drop Forged Galvanized Wire Rope Clip
Forged carbon steel, available in 3/16” and 1/4” 
For use with Galvanized Aircraft Cabling (TENDONS)

UBOLT-A for use with GAC-A
UBOLT-B for use with GAC-B

Galvanized Aircraft Cabling (Tendons) (GAC-A 3/16” and GAC-B 1/4”)

(GAC-A 3/16” and GAC-B 1/4”)
Used for securing the cellular confinement grids, especially in a slope application.  Call for more details.


GAC-A (3/16”) for use with our SLP400, Slope Grid (4” cell depth)
Galvanized Aircraft Cable. Commercial Grade
Min. Breaking Strength: 3,700 lbs.


GAC-B (1/4”) for use with our SLP600, Slope Grid (6” cell depth)
Galvanized Aircraft Cable. Commercial Grade
Min. Breaking Strength: 6,100 lbs.

Coconut Fiber Biodegradable Erosion Control Blanket (CFB)

100% Coconut Fiber + 2 Organic Jute Nets = Biodegradable Erosion Control Blanket

GRAVEL-LOK® Gravity Wand

For Applying Gravel-Lok® using the pour method.

If you are interested in building your own



GRAVEL-LOK® Backpack

For Applying Gravel-Lok® using the pour method using a gravity wand. 

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