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60 Second Seminar Session 8: Mud Management

60 Second Seminar Session 8: Mud Management

60 seconds Seminar

Each brief educational session is designed to provide concise, interesting, informative insights on a variety of topics in just 60 seconds. You will be surprised at how much you can learn with only 60 seconds of your time!

Session 8:
Mud Management

Farm owners are constantly challenged by mud management. Not only does mud make it difficult to walk or ride machinery on, it can be harmful for horses. Mud can carry bacteria that can cause infection and disease as well as be a walking hazard, potentially causing injuries.

Session 8 Image 2

Using LSG Load Support Grid system on muddy problem areas, creates a permeable, solid, safe paddock.


Muddy, uneven surface

Session 8 Image 1

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Provides smooth, firm surface

Session 8 Image 3

Session 8 Image 4

Session 8 Image 5

Long strips of HDPE (high density polyethylene) are ultrasonically welded at intervals of 14″ to create a honeycomb-like structure of interconnected 3D cells. The cellular nature confines aggregates (earth, sand, gravel) to stabilize problematic areas around the farm.



Muddy ingress/egress

Session 8 Image 6


LSG-3 expanded in area

Session 8 Image 6


Infill Mix

Session 8 Image 6


Solid, firm walking area

Session 8 Image 6

Session 8 Image 7

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