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60 Second Seminar Session 9: LSG vs. SLP. What’s the difference?

60 Second Seminar Session 9: LSG Vs. SLP. What’s The Difference?

60 seconds Seminar
Each brief educational session is designed to provide concise, interesting, informative insights on a variety of topics in just 60 seconds. You will be surprised at how much you can learn with only 60 seconds of your time!

Session 9:
LSG Load Support Grid
SLP SlopeGrid®


Session 9 Image 1

Session 9 Image 2

At first glance, these two products look identical. They are both made of HDPE, high density polyethylene, and they are manufactured to the same specifications as far as material thickness, density, seam strength, etc. The only real difference is cell size. You may notice we make LSG in a green color and SLP in a black color. This simply helps us to tell them apart in our warehouse!

LSG Series® Logo

SlopeGrid® Logo

LSG Cell Size: 10.2″ x 8.8″

Session 9 Image 3

SLP Cell Size: 12.4″ x 10.7″

Session 9 Image 3


Session 9 Image 4


The smaller the cell size, the greater the load support. Load support is needed for pedestrian and vehicular applications (sidewalks, patios, plazas, driveways, roads, etc.)

We purposely make the smaller cell which provides a very strong foundation for load support applications. For slope protection and erosion control a larger cell works just great, and it costs less money to create a grid with larger cells because it requires less material to manufacture it. Therefore, the SlopeGrid® has a lower cost per square foot.

Most slopes are steep and will never have pedestrian or vehicular traffic so they don’t need “load support”. If you have a very gradual slope that is experiencing washout and you expect it to have pedestrian or vehicular traffic, then use the LSG Series® instead of the SlopeGrid®.

Q: I have LSG leftover from a job, can I use it for slope protection and erosion control?
A: Yes, it will work just the same as SlopeGrid®.

Q: I have SlopeGrid® left over from a job, can I use it for a load support application?
A: No. The cells for load support should be a little smaller – use the LSG Series®.

Q: Do the LSG and SLP panels expand to the same size?
A: No, they are slightly different. LSG is 9’ x 24’ (215 sf) and SLP is 8’ x 29’ (232 sf)

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