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How does Gravel-Lok® perform in extremely cold climates?

How Does Gravel-Lok<sup>®</sup> Perform In Extremely Cold Climates?

Gravel-Lok® surfaces have a slight flexibility which is similar to asphalt. It can withstand extremely cold temperatures and frequent freeze and thaw cycles.

Keep in mind that Gravel-Lok® surfaces are completely porous, therefore, drainage must be considered. Make sure the water can flow away from the area via proper grading, installed drains, or both. If water remains in the system and freezes and thaws, this will cause heaving and cracking.

If designed properly, with drainage in mind, the Gravel-Lok® surface will perform well in cold temperatures and areas with extreme freeze and thaw cycles.

NOTE: Snow plowing and shoveling can damage the Gravel-Lok® surface. Patching and repairing may be necessary in the Spring.